Our Prices:

The Aya Bundle:$150.00

This bundle has 6 in home private classes, from puppy all the way to advance training. By the end of the 6 week bundle you gain your reward from which-ever level of training you are working on (as long as he or she passes the final, if not we go back to review the issues and decide if its a quick fix or if your furry family member needs more training.

Please note: mileage is added into the price once the 5 mile mark is hit.

Group Classes: $150.00

Spirit Of the Okami offers affordable group classes. While private classes can be a great stepping stone group classes allows you to practice with others another great way to build a strong relationship with your dog. It also allows for a chance to practice some behaviors that are often hard to work on in private classes. Total of 6 classes per level. 

A minimum of two clients must be signed up for a group classes to start.

Lone Wolf:$45.00

Maybe you only have one real issue that you want to work on. Or maybe you feel you can only do one class at the moment. The lone wolf is your one private lesson, whenever you need it.

Please note: mileage is added into the price once the 5 mile mark is hit.

Tricks for all dogs:

BANG BANG dead dog! Roll Over!!! Get your leash...Say your prayers, are only the tip of the iceberg!! Tricks for all dogs, has come to S.O.T.O, maybe you have already gotten down the basic life skills for the dog and now you are just looking for some fun. 

Spirit of the Okami does not offer refund on services given or tips given. All cancellations must be done with a 24 hour notice to receive a refund on services not given. 

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